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about podcasting

Podcasting is a unique tool to communicate with your audience, combining the immediacy of radio broadcasting with the convenience of on-demand mobile distribution. The Washington Media Group offers clients the ability to craft and tell compelling stories in our state-of-the-art podcasting studio and distribute directly to audiences across the globe.

Podcasts are an emerging form of new media communication escalating in popularity via the convenience of on-demand availability, and the capability to satisfy niche communities interested in specific topics. Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to produce and easily sharable, which provides targeted access to a variety of audiences and demographic segments. Unlike more traditional forms of media, there are no time limitations. A podcast episode can be five minutes or five hours, wherever the conversation takes us.

Podcasting gives you a voice on issues that matter to you, your audiences, or your partners. The platform allows for communication of ideas and concepts in your own words, delivering them directly to your customers and stakeholders. Written words can convey infinitely complex ideas, but they cannot be read while driving, exercising, or performing other professional or personal tasks. In this age of needing to do more than one thing at a time, podcasting is rapidly becoming the preferred information sharing solution for reaching the increasingly multi-tasking public.

The Washington Media Group has a team of experienced former journalists and producers to help you connect with your target audiences on this exciting platform.