Editorial Cartooning: Disappearing Ink?

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Editorial cartoons helped fuel an American Revolution and framed the public’s opinion of our
Civil War president, but are humorous and satirical illustrations pegged to the day’s news
becoming a relic in the internet age?

In the aftermath of a rare New York Times apology for a cartoon published just days ago, it is
hard to argue they’ve lost their punch. Yet newsroom editors and bean counters are choosing
words over illustrations. Robert examines this trend of disappearing ink with Michael Cavna, a
cartoonist who now writes for the Washington Post Style Page.

We celebrate the coming release of the 2019 AP Stylebook with Buzzer Beater questions pulled from its pages; examine the impact of typos in Tweets; and pay homage to Cinco de Mayo with a lame attempt at speaking Spanish.


Times apologizes for publishing anti-Semitic cartoon

Guest: Anthony LaFauce

AP Stylebook

Richard Outcault

Guest: Michael Cavna

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Cartoonists Day

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