How to Write Speeches

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Writing a speech might be the biggest test you’ll ever face as a PR pro. It’s a task not suited for the rhetorically challenged. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of speeches are given in the U.S. each year. But how many of them connect with their audience? Do they accomplish anything? Are you staring at a laptop right now, wringing your hands over a speechwriting assignment?

Robert sits down with Bob Lehrman and Eric Schnure to talk speechwriting, and about the new second edition of their book, “The Political Speechwriter’s Companion,” coming July 30th. They’ll share from the book some of their best tips for writing an effective speech, and stories about the speechwriting process that may leave you laughing out loud.

Lehrman was chief speechwriter to former Vice President Al Gore, while Schnure is founding partner of Washington, D.C.’s Humor Cabinet and has written speeches for the likes of Gore and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.


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Guest: Robert Lehrman

Guest: Eric Schnure

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