PR Summer Reading List

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As PR people, we can spend hours each day reading proposals, news stories, and social media posts. Reading is key to the work we do communicating messages to target audiences. Given that, it might be hard to imagine spending our free time reading, but then again, it’s the reading we choose to do that helps us do a better job at work.

Contributor Gina Luttrell kicks off our PR Summer School series with a short reading list curated just for listeners of the Flack Pack. Also, this week’s Buzzer Beater player tackles AP Style with a list of questions that are definitely of this world.


Amazon: The Business of Persuasion

Edward Bernays

Walter Lippmann

Flack Pack Host: Kathleen Looney

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

AP Stylebook

Guest: Courtney Calvin

Guest: Gina Luttrell

Amazon: The Four Tendencies

Amazon: The Formula: The universal laws of success

Amazon: Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics

Amazon: Social Media: How to engage, share, and connect

Amazon: What do you do with an idea?

Amazon: What do you do with a chance?