Marketing the Moon

Fifty years ago tomorrow night, America put a man on the Moon. It was an engineering and scientific feat, but it also was a PR success. Eagle’s historic landing didn’t just happen because of the work taking place in Apollo’s labs or on its workbenches.

It also happened because of efforts in media briefing rooms and during press tours. It was sold in news releases and press kits, product endorsements, and magazine articles. Corporate PR people joined with their NASA counterparts to push the idea of space exploration. Many believe the Apollo 11 program was the first to leverage today’s version of brand journalism driving media interest and support.

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, Robert interviews author and marketing expert David Meerman Scott about the PR campaign that sold the Apollo lunar program, and his book, “Marketing the Moon.”

Our Buzzer Beater player maneuvers the galaxy of grammar and usage rules that is AP Style, while Jason visits the studio with a review of NASA’s current social media program. Kathleen ventures outside, braving the excessive heat, to find out what people know about America’s men who went to the Moon and back.


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