Motherly PR Advice

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Motherly advice can be annoying, but is that because it’s bothersome or because it’s true?
We’ve all received mom’s words of wisdom, whether we wanted them or not, and some of us
have kids who now get to benefit from our wise counsel.

The Flack Pack is not giving you any advice today, however we are pausing in honor of moms
this weekend to remember advice they’ve given us and its impact on our PR careers. Spin Sucks blogger Laura Petrolino joins Robert to discuss her recent post about motherly advice that she says will improve your career in communications.

Buzzer Beater contestant Kim Bode talks smack about guinea pigs, but who has the last laugh?And Jason has spicy chicken nuggets on his Mother’s Day weekend menu. And one more thing: Happy Mother’s Day to all of our PR moms out there. The Flack Pack loves you bunches!


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Guest: Laura Petrolino

Motherly advice that will improve your career in communications

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