Post 9/11 Crisis PR

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Today, we pause to remember an event that changed the world forever, the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Next week, Americans, and our allies around the globe, will reflect on the attacks against four flights full of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, business executives, parents, students, and children.

Speeches will be delivered. Wreaths will be laid. Survivors will be profiled. And security protocols will be revisited. Media coverage will remind society of the horrors many remember and educate those too young to recall.

In this very special conversation, Robert visits with two veteran communicators, Brian Turmail and Nico Melendez, asking them to share their memories, not just from the day of the attacks, but also of the PR work that resulted once Congress created the Transportation Security Administration.

Brian and Nico were hired to handle TSA’s media relations and eventually became Robert’s trusted deputies as the three of them worked long days and nights to explain the changes to transportation security at a time of extreme concern that the September attacks might not be the last.

The trio reflects on what happened, how they handled the crush of media inquiries and criticism, and the crisis management lessons learned then that still apply today.


Guest: Nico Melendez

Guest: Brian Turmail

9/11: Three Hours Of Terror And Chaos That Brought A Nation To A Halt