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The Internet is full of data about the PR Industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says more PR people work in Washington, D.C. than any other city in the U.S., including New York City! If you happen to be one of those already employed, but are looking to change jobs, this fall will be a good time to do it. The same goes for those, including students, who still are looking for the perfect position. With a recession predicted by the end of next year, employers are rushing to build teams now.

In recognition of Labor Day, we’re talking about PR jobs with two recruiters. One today, and one on Monday. Robert’s guest today is Brian Phifer, CEO of Phifer and Company, based in New York. But a word of warning: If you can’t handle the truth, you may want to download a podcast about gardening, because Brian’s advice might sting a little.

Also we dub Shalon Roth the latest contributor to the Flack Pack by testing her knowledge of AP Style in a royal competition you won’t want to miss!


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