PR Measurement 101

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In a world dominated with story pitches and carefully worded messages looms the need to show results beyond what we can see in news media coverage or on social media posts.

Media measurement has evolved from the days of comparing inches of published copy to advertising rates, thankfully! Today, with digital messaging dominating our PR plans, pros must know how to confirm their campaigns are connecting with audiences and driving results.

For decades, Katie Delahaye Paine has set the standard for measurement. Her expertise in this field is known worldwide. This week, in a can’t miss episode of the Flack Pack, she takes a break from planting her amazing tomato crop outside her home in New Hampshire to discuss social media measurement with Robert. Katie walks us through her eBook, Social Media Measurement 101, and helps Robert with his fear of all things math-related!

Also, Kathleen debuts her summer-time feature, Kathleen in the City. She’s a California girl, so it’s no surprise her question for D.C. commuters features a hint of Hollywood glitz and glamour.


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Guest: Katie Delahaye Paine

eBook: Social Media Measurement 101

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