Road Wieners Yield Tasty PR

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is an American icon that also happens to be a PR bonanza for Kraft Foods, owner of the hot dog brand. This week, Robert talks with Ed Roland, manager of Oscar Mayer’s fleet of 27 foot long road wieners, and the college graduates who drive them.

The Flack Pack celebrates the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend with a food-themed edition of the Buzzer Beater, Jason’s review of Wienermobile tweets, and Kathleen’s Wiener Whistle give-away!


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Guest: Alexander Downing

AP Stylebook

Guest: Ed Roland

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

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Hotdoggers Wanted

Contributor: Jason Mollica

Kathleen in the City

Swedish Chef Singing

Oscar Mayer Wiener 1965 Commercial

The Simpsons: Oscar Mayer Wiener Song

Oscar Mayer Wiener 1950’s Commercial